"Al Bell Remembered" (140 pages, black & white) is full of anecdotes and photos. Over forty pages of the book have been transcribed from tapes Al Bell dictated himself of his life from birth to the age of 20. The death of his mother at age seven was the beginning of a hard life in poverty, being shuttled from one relative to another. Three chapters are entertaining accounts of trips with Bell (from Becky’s point of view) which focus on his filming techniques. Other chapters include Al and Rhea Bell’s efforts to balance travel abroad, travel to over 400 Iowa schools a year for thirty years, and home life on an Iowa farm.

With this unique personality as a celebrity dad, Becky writes of unusual animals the family adopted for showing at assembly programs, costumes, artifacts, movie plot developments, film soundtracks, editing, and more.

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Becky Bell-Greenstreet, Al and Rhea Bell’s second daughter, is a retired teacher, professional actress/director, and lifelong musician. She leads a busy life as drama director and organist at her church in Coos Bay. Becky lives on the Southwest Coast of beautiful Oregon. Contact Becky at beckybellgreenstreet@gmail.com.

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